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Shama, born in Libya, is very much attached to her Indian roots. A versatile and capable singer, who has been performing since childhood to audiences around the world.  Having received her vocal training from Smt. Swati Natekar and Smt. Krishna Chakraborty, Shama went onto developing her own voice and style.


Shama is the only Asian female artiste in UK to have had 2 successful long-running bands. She became a brand name in 1994 as she set out with the popular Shama and Friends band, wowing audiences in South America, Caribbean, West Africa, Dubai, Europe and nationally over UK for the next 15 years. Her second band, The 515 Crew, has been performing & producing music since 2009.


Songs from her first album, Forever Yours (released in 1995) have been featured in the Liam Neeson film, Taken 3, National Geographic documentaries, Gomez et Tavarez (French Film), Coronation Street, The Real Marigold series (BBC) etc.


Shama’s voice was recorded for Geri Halliwell’s (Ginger Spice) debut album, Schizophonic.


Shama has performed with Bollywood music personalities: Anup Jalota, Sukhwinder Singh, Nitin Mukesh, Mangal Singh.

Shama performed at the prestigious Diwali on Trafalgar Square for 4 years running due to public demand and the Greater London Authority’s request.

In early 2009 Shama  with MD Hinal Pattani, co-founded The 515 Crew, a young and dynamic band which entered its first year as a band, although all the individual members had a collective experience of several years between them. The aim was to create a new sound. Shama brought with her, years of experience in the business, clients, and not forgetting, a following. The 515 Crew brought with it a fresh new sound, talent and an enthusiasm to make a mark. Together, they have been writing, producing and releasing their own songs as well as live performances in the UK and abroad.

In 2010, Shama made her debut as a lyric writer, penning the words to Maahi, the very first track released by 515 Productions, quickly followed by Diljaani, Baarish and Jogan. Due to it's popularity Jogan entered the iTunes World Music Top Ten on the very first day.

Apart from music tracks, Shama is the voice behind many popular tv & radio jingles.

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