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​For UK & International Bookings

Please contact: Dilip Shah

Mobile: +44 (0)7956 547133


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Q: What sort of music does the band play?

A: Bollywood classics and new songs, Dance medleys, selected english and bhangra.

Q: What kind of performances can the band offer?

A: The band does a variety of performances:

Mehfils  -  Dinner & Dances  -  Corporate Shows  -  Weddings & Parties  -  Melas & Festivals  -  Stage Shows

Q: What areas are covered?

A: UK nationwide and international bookings.

Q: How long does the band perform?

A: We perform up to 3 hours stage time. This does not include breaks. It’s purely performance time.

Q: How to book the band

A: Please call or email us with details of your event date.

Depending on our availability, we will give you a quote based on location of the venue and the package you choose.

Q: What happens after choosing a package and agreeing to the performance fee?

A: We will take a few details from you and send you a contract. We also require a deposit to confirm the booking.

Nearer to the date of performance, we will be in touch with you to go over the final itinerary of the event and plan our sets accordingly.


Q: Do we need to have a meeting?

A: Not necessary. Most of our bookings & communications are completed over the phone and email.

Q: Working with the band.

A: It's important to be well organised and have itineraries worked out to provide to the band at least 2-3 weeks before the event.

Q: Can the band cater to different themes?

A: Absolutely. In fact, having a theme makes an event unique. We can easily cater 60s/70s/80s/90s/East African themes etc with

appropriate playlists.


Q: What space does the band require to set up in?

A: A minimum stage space of 20 x 12 feet is required to fit the 8-9 piece band. Please note, its a big band and will not fit into a

smaller/narrower size stages. Please inform us asap if you are having issues with providing the correct size. Failure to do so may

affect your event.

Q: How long does the band need to set up and sound check?

A: Between 3 to 3.5 hours safely in order to make sure sound is balanced before guests arrive.


Q: Does the band have safety certificates?

A: Yes we do.


Q: What will the band need at the venue?

A: The band would require the following:

Early access into the venue

Access for off-loading of the band’s equipment

At least 8 Power sockets

Stage to be set up prior to band arriving to avoid delays in sound checks

1 changing room

Tea, Soft drinks & water during sound checks and performance

Band’s main meal

Band’s table to be within easy access of the stage. In most cases, dead spaces on the side of the stage may not be ideal for an audience’s view but are perfect for the band. In venues with limited space, a separate green room can be allocated for the band to retire to between sets and for their meal.

One person from the client’s side to liaise with through the evening.


Q: Would the band be able to accommodate song requests?

A: As we tailor-make song lists for each show individually, it is advisable to send us your requests as early as you can, once the booking is confirmed. That way, we can try and accommodate as many songs as possible into the final list.


Q: Does the band play during dinner?

A: No. In our experience, this is not advisable as guests may wish to chat over dinner and talking over loud music can be uncomfortable. Hence the band usually takes it's dinner break at the same time as the guests.

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